Institute of Computer Science

Head of the Institute:
Prof. Dr. Thomas Fahringer
Phone: +43 512 507 EXT 6101 or 6102
Fax: +43 512 507 6105 
E-Mail: informatik(at)
Prof. Dr. Aart Middeldorp
Phone: +43 512 507 EXT 6100
E-Mail: lehre-informatik(at)
Study representation:
E-Mail:  StV-Informatik(at)
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Research Groups

Computational Logic (CL)
Prof. Aart Middeldorp

Databases and Information Systems (DBIS)
Prof. Günther Specht

Distributed and Parallel Systems (DPS)
Prof. Thomas Fahringer

Quality Engineering (QE)
Prof. Ruth Breu

Computer Architecture (CA)
Dr. Alfred Strey

meet informatik

IT is everywhere! Where are you?

The University of Innsbruck and the Institut of Computer Sciences are offering several events for interested students and general public :

FR, 06.11.2009 Aktionstag Junge Uni 08.00 am to 02.00 pm
SA, 07.11.2009 Lange Nacht der Forschung 16.47 pm to midnigjt
DI, 17.11.2009 Innsbrucker Hochschultag 09.00am to 04.00 pm

The "Junge Uni Innsbruck" enables you to explore the University of Innsbruck and the IFI very close ! The whole year you will find interesting events to see behind the curtain of science and research.
Visit us at:  Kinder-Sommer-Uni, Junge Forscher gesucht, Aktionstage, Lange Nacht der Forschung,

Frauen in die Technik Tirol
Workshops, on Infodays (2. and 3. February 2010)

We are very pleased to announce that Mr. Jakob Pinggera will receive, due to his excellent acedemic performance, a PhD Studentship from the funds for the promotion of young scientists at the Leopold Franzens Universität Innsbruck to support his dissertation with the topic „Assessing the Suitability of Process Modeling Tools“.
The official ceremony will be held on Thursday, 29. October 2009, 3 pm,  in the Gipsmuseum, 3rd floor,  in the University's main building.


Junge Uni - IT Workshop
Girls from 7 to 12 years took part in a workshop about computer. They learned a lot about the hardware components, dismantled computers and had funny knowledgegames like Millionenshow or Memory...  >>FIT

FEMtech Expert of August!

Prof. Ruth Breu is member of the Institute of Computer Sciences in Innsbruck since 2002. Her research group "Quality Engineering"  is highly successful ... >>more

Dr. Georg MOSER habilitated on 30rd July 2009 „Computer Sciences“
„Proof Theory at Work: Complexity Analysis of Term Rewrite Systems“

Summer-University for children at the Institute of Computersciences in Innsbruck! Manuela Weitlaner  delighted  children vom 08 to 13 years of the "Zirler Ferienclub". Playfully they learned to solve problems or to decrypt codes.  ... >>more
07. 07. 2009
For the first time in the history of the University Innsbruck a woman, Barbara Weber, habilitated in the field Computer Sciences. >>more
Radu Prodan habilitated in the field Computer Sciences „Programming, Analysis, and Optimisation for Distributed Systems“ on Monday, 06th July 2009. Radu Prodan is member of the research group DPS (Distributed and Parallel Systems) under the leadership of  Prof. Dr. Thomas Fahringer.  >>more

QE Research Group - a new "Laura Bassi Centres of Expertise" -  Congratulation! >>more